1st PineView Farm Report - By 'Moonie'

1st PineView Farm Report - By 'Moonie'

Hi, Mum was asked to write something newsy (& short) but has taken her time, so I thought I would start the ball rolling ...
My registered name is Too Hot To Hustle but as that's too long for everyday use - they called me Moonie (& that's one of the nicer names Mum uses).
I was imported as a weanling from Australia and apparently bought my attitude over on the plane with me! That was kinda rude, but then again Mum and I have been told we are very similar (although I personally think I'm way better looking AND have heaps of 'Supreme of Breed' sashes to prove it), but we certainly get on well. My Mum Vikki and Me!
I live in a paddock (amongst other paints) overlooking Te Kowhai Village on one side & a lovely valley view on the other.  There are quite a few of us, both paints & other horses, including my 2yr old son (black/white overo). Life is pretty good and it's always a blast popping up (when our covers are off) scaring our (horse) boarders with our bright (& white) colour patterns. Unfortunately it doesn't take long and they get used to us, but its fun while it lasts.
Home is made up of the other horses as mentioned, two dogs & two cats. The dogs - well, they are under MY full control and stay well on the outside of the paddock and wont enter even when Mum is around, but I do have a few run-ins with the rather large (huge - is a better word) ginger cat who tends to think he runs the place !!  At present we have an agreement and so far it seems to work - he can rule over everywhere bar my space. But I can't seem to get rid of the feeling when he's around that he's eyeing me up as mobile cat food.
Well that should be enough rambling at this stage - will catch you all later.
Moonie alias 'Too Hot To Hustle'

Posted: Tue 11 Aug 2009



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