'The Steers' !

'The Steers' !
'The Steers' have certainly stepped up on the 'bolshie ladder' and you can add arrogant to the list too.  Mum has moved them down to the front paddocks, and if they didn't buck kick and hoon so much there would be plenty for them to eat. I noticed that when they raced over to the fence to check out the neighbours cows , that  they slammed the brakes on in a  BIG hurry when the resident bull marched up to the fence line and issued his comments about their intending visit - he wasn't amused!!  :)  ...the grass is starting to grow on their own patch so they shouldn't be down there for too much longer, Mum will be pleased - especially as they broke the gate latch last night and had a ball playing. Kinda scarey seeing cattle that size bouncing around like overweight calves - holes & cowpats everywhere - I thought Mum was going to blow a fuse when she found them stomping in the newly flowering daffidols!  Was really interesting to see - her face went red, then white and then, I
swear I saw the steam start to rise, it was around that time that I left, there are somethings that are just not right for young horses to see (or hear!!)
Catch you later .... Moonie

Posted: Tue 18 Aug 2009



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