Yay what fun the daffies are out!

Yay what fun the daffies are out!

With the days getting longer Mum tends to spend more time outside with us lot - and a couple of the other horses (her pride & joy - yeah right!!! - my 2yr old son Abo in particular) is being a brat so Mum has been working with him until well after dark, and then according to Casper (he sneaks inside when he thinks she's not looking :) she has been falling asleep in front of TV (as usual) to the sound of dog & cat snoring by her side and on her knee!!! What a life for those wrapped up inside in the warmth!  Meanwhile for the rest of us having to put up with the last few nights of thunder & lightening storms, I do wish we were back in showing mode so I could be snoozing back in my stable again - although my feet were trimmed up the other day by the blacksmith so may be........ 

Tis rabbit season too, and the little charmers (the two cats) have been taking live bunnies indoors to show off, only to dispatch them & then leaving the remains for Mum to clean up.  Fortunately they are doing it on the hardwood floor leaving limited and wipeable mess but outside would be better for the dogs - they reckon they are good at cleaning up those sort of messes (despite evidence to prove otherwise). 

Speaking of showy - the daffodils have come out in mass and look really neat at this time of the year, there bright yellow colour really brighten things up and reminds us that Winter is on its way OUT - Mum keeps planting up more & more each year all over the farm - she likes the flowers but it gives us more target practice to stomp them in!! 

Oh, had better go - speaking of the old girl here she comes with dinner, time to do the cute thing....

Catch you all later

Moonie x

Posted: Thu 27 Aug 2009



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