American Gossip is back home

American Gossip is back home

Hi, Moonie has been way too busy to write anything this month so since I apparently have more time on my paws... here it goes. Okie (American Gossip) has come home from being broken in. Mum is really pleased with her and says she is going so well. They have been out cruising around the roads at home & up around Auckland too with Rae (doing the yuppie thing!). Okie loves her trips away to see the new sights, but because of the lack of grass verges her feet were getting a bit short so she is the proud new owner of new shoes. She thinks she is really cool strutting her stuff showing off her shoes. Oh, have to go - Mum is coming back down the hill after feeding out - and now it's MY favourite time of the day - DINNER TIME - gotta go..

Catch you later.

Luv Casper

Posted: Fri 25 Sep 2009



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