Spring updated from Casper

Spring updated from Casper

Hi Casper here again with another news update.  Brrr hasn't it been freezing lately - thankfully way too cold to have my promised bath (apparently I smell bad - can't see the problem myself - as its taken quite sometime to get this particular brand of scent/aroma). Isn't Spring so pretty this time of the year, when all the trees and flowers are showing off their bright new colours. The horses have started getting fit for the new season of polocrosse, & Okie can't decide if she prefers Auckland or Waikato for road hacking as she is certainly doing plenty of miles in each area, hopping on and off the truck like a pro. She is so proud that she is now considered trustworthy enough to give rides to precious little people like Shelby Whitley (Rae's granddaughter) for instance. As you can see by the photos both enjoyed it.  Although I think Shelby's Dad wasn't too keen for her to take up ponies - he knows some of the costs involved in keeping a horse in the style they very quickly become accustomed to being kept in!!!  Especially if you belong to a girl who likes everything colour coded PINK.  Oh well, that's life I guess, but will catch up with you later - as I have only just enough time to put in a quick snooze before dinner time. Cheers

Posted: Sat 17 Oct 2009



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