She Passed Yay !!!

She Passed Yay !!!
The BM (Blonde Mobile - horse truck) passed her COF with flying colours for the first time Yay!
Mum is stoked!!!
Mum was always having hassles with the driver's side back brakes, but Blondie flew thru AND that's the politest the COF people have ever told her... mmmmm I wonder what difference there must have been this time? mmmmmm...    she was wearing a skirt when she left this morning instead of her trusty jeans ...
Just as well the truck was good news because moving the steers this morning was not! - they were heading off to the fat stock sales, one broken water pipe (they jumped on it) wire dragged from fence & into paddock where Ollie got caught in it - 2 circuits of the 10 acs (no fencing to stop them as it has been stripped for the sub division roading) upset the other horses while doing so they thought they might get in the way, popped into one neighbours paddock and then ran around as they couldn't 'find the gate' (it wasn't lost), they then got their direction sorted out only for 1 to go over the cattle stop and pop into the other neighbours (uncut) hay paddock, the others fortunately for them went in the right direction & Mum managed to yard them okay. Mutts !!! They had a ball bucking, kicking & playing while doing this - all the while with a stream of clouds hovering over Mums head. I think she thought she was going to get drenched on, oh well she's gone to work now, how does she do it !!!
Very Sad News CASPER has passed away... we are all devastated especially Mum, not a lot being said around here at the moment...

Posted: Sun 03 Jan 2010



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