We have had sad times over Christmas ...

We have had sad times over Christmas ...

Hi, sorry I've been slow on the news - have had sad times over Christmas and only now can talk about it. Casper, our Golden Retriever, died in the week following up to Christmas. It was a very sad time for us all as he has been around FOREVER (over 13 1/2 years) and the huge empty space he left will take sometime to fill ...

'Casper'   1996 - 2009
 'Casper'    1996 - 2009


On a brighter note, Sharnie (Sarsota Shosharnie) is in foal to a gorgeous quarter horse SEEK THE RICHES (owned by Sheila Dandy) and her baby is due in early November, and as Mum didn't want Sharnie's baby to be a spoilt only child - I got to visit BLACK TIE AFFAIR and as a result my baby is due in mid December YA HOOO. Both stallions are multi halter champions of their own breed, plus both have WON at least 3x Supreme Halter Exhibits In Show EACH - so expect heaps of stunning baby photos to pop up when our kids arrive !!!

Okie (American Gossip) has found a new mum - Alison McMillian - who is spoiling her outrageously with heaps of apples & carrots !!! Did the 'cute thing' and as a result Alison gives the rest of us some carrots too.

With Polo Crosse Season nearly over, Mum is starting to get Jazz (Commitments Affair) & Buddy ready - there are apparently some really good treks coming up, one in particular is on behalf of the WESTPAK Helicopter and is a two day trek at Tahuna (check the trek registry for more details) to be held on the Easter Sunday & Monday weekend.

Gotta go - lunchtime waits for no horse


Posted: Tue 09 Mar 2010



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