NEWS FLASH! Me & Sharnie are in foal ...

NEWS FLASH! Me & Sharnie are in foal ...
"Hi all - Moonie here - Its official - the mighty green Waikato is having an Autumn Drought - 2nd drought in 3 years - so thank heavens for paints! Their rather 'rounded' constitutions certainly come to fore in tight feed conditions and haven't skipped a beat or missed a mouthful.
We (me & Sharnie) are getting bigger in foal and (naturally) head for the best bits of grass first as we both hold the view that as we have 'babies on board' we are therefore entitled to be first in first served ! 
We must be heading for rather a cold winter, our coats are really thickening up - have seen Mum & Alison do the firewood thing, but if they had enough brains to grow a decent coat like we do they wouldn't have to waste time cutting & stacking firewood.
Did think about suggesting that but as one of the boys ripped my cover the other day - and I need Mum to take it in to be fixed - perhaps now is not a good time to mention it (but then again it may need to wait until AFTER she puts on my winter rug to say things like that !!). 
Must say a big thank you to Lynda Lee for designing and updating my (oops I mean Mum's) website, she has done a fantastic job and keeps reminding Mum about updates etc. Well I must get going - places to see, grass to eat. Catch you all later "
x Moonie :)

Posted: Fri 07 May 2010



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