Hi all, its Moonie here again.

Hi all, its Moonie here again.

Hi all, its Moonie here again. Well winter has supposedly set in but with the weird weather patterns of rain sun rain ... it feels more like spring kicking in rather than the winter chills. Heaps of mushrooms are springing up everywhere and it has been quite a mission to stomp them in before they can be picked but rest assured we three (Sioux, Shanie & myself) are certainly on to it and have been putting all of our efforts forward and thus I can confidently say not many mushrooms are pick able in OUR paddocks.

Had a bit of a snigger the other day - Mum thought she was going to do a bit of an autumn clean up & (fortunately) had started with only one fire – a very small fire but one puff of wind & she still managed to singe a fair bit of her hair off from one side. Not sure how she managed to save her eyebrows but apparently it was very close. Now Mum is quite wisely leaving it to a better pyromaniac (which wouldn’t take much) at the cost of 1x cafe' coffee - which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the cost of the unplanned trim up at the hairdressers (& having to listen to her smirking too).

On that note I had better go - here comes my dinner!!! 

Cheers until next time...

Posted: Thu 27 May 2010



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