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First some really sad and bad news.

Both Feline bosses (next down the management chain from Mum) have died. Brer Rabbit (known as LittleCat due to her lack of size) was quietly put to sleep on Tuesday 22nd January 2013, she had been recently diagnosed as having stomach cancer and was starting to go down hill, so regretfully the decision had to be made. Then two days later (the main 2IC) SarahCat was killed on 24th Thursday night, January 2013 between the hours of 7:45pm and 10:00pm by person(s) unknown. Mum had popped over to Sam's place to have a shower (water problems - empty water tank, we (horses and cattle) were sorted out for water but Mum definitely needed a shower before work the next day) but on returning back found SarahCat lying alongside the drive at the foot of the hill from the house. As you can appreciate Mum is really upset as both cats meant a lot, but in particular SarahCat, as he was always right by her side for many years thru good and bad times, right down to the extent when he became the only man in the house, of making sure he always sprawled out (particularly in the recent heat) on the floor between vistors/contractors and her. His passing has left a huge hole in everyones' effections as he had a personality plus. So on this note I'll sign off and get back to you all later ...

Posted: Fri 25 Jan 2013



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