'What's Happening' at PineView Farm reported by 'Family Members'

  • Bring on 2014 !
    Welcome back - its been a year since SarahCat and Brer Rabbit's passing and they have been sorely missed.

    On the humerous side Bear no longer needs to wake up in the mornings with a (big)glass of Berocca in one paw and a boxing glove in the other - SarahCat v Bear were a regular first thing of the day morning "event"!! He (SarahC) could never claim to be a 'morning cat' and it usually took a couple of hours PLUS a BIG breakfast for him to ease into the day - a smile - don't hold your breath!
    Posted: Sunday 9 February 2014
  • Hi I'm back, been a bit slack on the feedback but am now back with avengence as there has been heaps happening.
    Posted: Friday 25 January 2013
    Posted: Saturday 28 January 2012
  • Hi all, its Moonie here again.
    Ouch Mum will be more careful from now on!!!!!
    Posted: Thursday 27 May 2010
  • NEWS FLASH! Me & Sharnie are in foal ...
    ...it's official !
    Posted: Friday 7 May 2010
  • We have had sad times over Christmas ...
    Casper, our Golden Retriever, died in the week following up to Christmas. It was a very sad time for us all as he has been around FOREVER
    Posted: Tuesday 9 March 2010
  • She Passed Yay !!!
    The BM (Blonde Mobile - horse truck) passed her COF with flying colours for the first time yay!
    Posted: Sunday 3 January 2010
  • Spring updated from Casper
    Hi Casper here again with another news update.
    Posted: Saturday 17 October 2009
  • American Gossip is back home
    hi, Moonie has been way to busy to write anything this month...
    Posted: Friday 25 September 2009
  • Yay what fun the daffies are out!
    With the days getting longer Mum tends to spend more time outside with us lot...
    Posted: Thursday 27 August 2009
  • 'The Steers' !
    'The Steers' have certainly stepped up on the 'bolshie ladder' ...
    Posted: Tuesday 18 August 2009
  • 1st PineView Farm Report - By 'Moonie'
    My registered name is 'Too Hot To Hustle' but as that's too long for everyday use - they called me Moonie ...
    Posted: Tuesday 11 August 2009



'Casper' the family Golden Retriever on PineView Farm


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